Ashbourne ale 4.0%



Limited addition 330ml bottle. Matured for over 3 years.

Ashbourne ale 4.0%. This traditional best bitter is copper in colour with unique malty character. This ones for the traditional real ale drinker. Smooth, crisp and refreshing to suit all occasions.

All of our bottled beers are bottle conditioned, this means there is a live yeast sediment in each bottle. Please pour carefully paying close attention to leave the sediment behind assuring you have a clear pint.

All bottles are bottled by hand on site at leatherbritches brewery.


19X330ml bottle Ash Ale, 1x330ml bottle Ash Ale, 3x330ml bottle Ashbourne ale

1 review for Ashbourne ale 4.0%

  1. david w.

    This is a lovely drink… not to be confused with IPA version..

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