Bounder 3.8%



Our Bounder at 3.8% is the go to beer for a sessionable yet sensible day in the garden.

Tasting notes include, lychee,grapefruit and spicy notes leading to a crisp bitter finish.

Bag in a box beers come in the following measurements.

3litre – Try something new

18pint ( 10 litre ) – I know what I want

36pint ( 20 litre ) – going for a session

Bag in a box beer shelf life.
To guarantee the beers freshness the beer must me kept in a cool place ( below 15c ) out of direct sunlight. All bag in a box beers should be opened within a week of purchase.

3 litre 7-10 days upon opening

18 pints ( 10 litre ) 10-15 days upon opening

36 pints ( 20 litre ) 15-20 days upon opening


Bounder 3 litre, Bounder 10 litre, Bounder 20 litre

2 reviews for Bounder 3.8%

  1. Matthew P.

    Great session ale. Very more-Ish. Will keep buying it.

  2. Simon O.

    Refreshing light ale, perfect for summer.

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