Candy orange IPA 5.5%



From the mad brewer range we bring you Candy orange I.P.A.

Brewed using real candied oranges during fermentation to give a real Marmalade taste infused with pure orange extract for aroma

Orange Aroma, medium bodied, complex hop characteristics followed by a dry crisp Marmalade orange finish.

Bag in a box beers come in the following measurements.

3litre – Try something new

18pint ( 10 litre ) – I know what I want

36pint ( 20 litre ) – going for a session

Bag in a box beer shelf life.
To guarantee the beers freshness the beer must me kept in a cool place ( below 15c ) out of direct sunlight. All bag in a box beers should be opened within a week of purchase.

3 litre 7-10 days upon opening

18 pints ( 10 litre ) 10-15 days upon opening

36 pints ( 20 litre ) 15-20 days upon opening


Candy orange 3 litre, Candy orange 18 Pints ( 10 litre ), Candy orange 36 Pints ( 20 litre )

4 reviews for Candy orange IPA 5.5%

  1. Dean J.

    Suprisngly bitter but still sweet. The candied orange adds a flavour at first that’s a bit unusual but it definatly grew on me. I was expecting it to be too sweet but the bitter afternotes really rounds the beer out and makes for a refreshing, almost cider like, taste.

  2. Pete Davis.

    Absolutely delicious! Strong fresh orange aromas lead on to an orange citrus burst on the taste buds then finish with a smooth hoppy IPA finish. Quite a flat ale as it comes in different sized bags but if you like your ale in the pub served without the pump sparkler on then that’s not a problem. Very moreish, personally I love it.

  3. richard h.

    For a ‘something different’ beer this is good, there is a good hit of marmalade taste and smell, not one for every session, but a tasty change.

  4. Keith S.

    An instant strong orange zest tang on the tongue and a continuing orange after taste to the roof / rear of the mouth.
    Definitely a beer with a distinct difference – a “Marmite” beer,
    one I will take a pint of, but not a session of.
    The Mad Brewer at his most inventive and original

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